Harley-Davidson Touring Road King 2002-2008 Chrome Wheel Set Outright Sale

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Price: $1,100.00
Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson

Welcome to an IMPRESS PLATING & POLISHING  sale. For Sale we have the following newly chromed set. 2002 & 2008 ORIGINAL HARLEY DAVIDSON TOURING 9 -SPOKE CHROME WHEEL SET (FRONT & REAR size16x3). These wheels come stock on almost all touring models and will fit all touring models like road king, road glide, electra glide, electra glide classic, ultra & more for the years stated. They also can fit street glide models and road king custom.

If you are looking to get more then just wheels we also offer polished rotors, chrome lower slider, chrome upper slider covers, chrome belt pulleys and bearings installation for 2000 to 2007 and 2008. If you order the wheels you get special prices on any extra item you like to add to your order. Questions call us at 909-985-3377

We also offer special package prices if you want to add more then two items, email or call us with your list and we will quote you!

The chrome on these wheels is price at $395.00 each in our retail price list. Don't miss out from this sale, now you can exchange your wheels in factory finish for the best chrome wheels around and save over $200.00 from out retail price list. If top quality chrome is what you are looking for, we got it. Don't need to keep looking. When you buy from us and you can be sure you will always get top quality chrome and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. We guarantee our wheels to be in good usable condition or we will replace them at no extra charge or you can return them for a refund.

We believe that not all chrome plating is the same. The difference between a lack of luster and a brilliant plated finish is obvious to the motorcycle enthusiasts looking for the perfect enhancement. Impress plating has set itself apart from the competition by providing unequaled chrome plating quality to proud Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners all around the U.S.A.

Our quality and workmanship has not had an unsatisfied customer yet and you can verify that by checking our feedback and read what our buyers have to say about our chrome. Here's some comments our buyer have said about our chrome, kick azzzz chrome, perfect chrome job, to cool, awesome, excellent, super, pristine, beautiful, great looking wheels, makes my original chrome look bad, Chrome is fricking insane!!!!! I'm impressed!!!, immaculate, all i can say is WOW!, These guys are top notch, Chrome Harley wheels are the nicest I've ever seen!

These wheels were hand polished to a smooth finish and chrome plated with our unequal 6 step chrome plating process by our highly experience craftsman.

These wheels carry a Two year warranty against and defects in the materials or workmanship. If you take care of the wheels they will last you a lifetime because nobody warranties against negligence. Why do we offer a two year warranty?. We don't cut corner like some other chrome platers do, our wheels have a lot of plating time because the longer the wheel or part stays in the tank the more plating it will have and more plating means more durable. Plating materials and plating process is important but the key factor is plating time. Why do some companies offer lower prices? Well because they cut back on plating time so they can do more quantity and when you do that you can't offer quality.
For any questions regarding this action or any other question on your chrome plating needs please contact IMPRESS PLATING & POLISHING at 877-4-CHR-WHL OR 909-985-3377. Please feel free to call us or email us any questions or concerns you might have.      

Call or email us to ask about our special pricing on chrome plating or re-chroming your own wheels and parts.

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