All of us here at Impress Plating & Polishing want to thank you for visiting our website and we want to invite you to look around , we are in the process of updating our website  and will be adding a lot of new things like more pictures and how the chrome plating is done and much more but if you have any questions we want you to feel free to contact us through our email or by phone at 909-985-3377 or toll free at 877-4-CHR-WHL with any questions or concerns you might have. You can be sure we will be glad and do not mind answering any questions  or concerns you might have.

Impress Plating  & Polishing is a custom chrome plating and polishing shop  with over  25 years of experience and we specialized in chrome plating Harley-Davidson wheels and parts but we can chrome any car or truck wheel or part as well, we can chrome any Aluminum, Steel or Brass part. We offer chrome exchanges on almost all Harley-Davidson cast aluminum wheels, we also offer exchanges on chrome lowers legs (Sliders), polish rotors and chrome belt pulleys for most Harley-Davidson models, we also offer chrome exchanges on most Chevrolet Corvette wheels and a few other makes. We don't offer exchanges on smaller parts like hand controls but like we mention before we can chrome any aluminum, steel or brass part. Impress Plating & Polishing does not have minimum order so all customers are welcome.

All of us here at Impress Plating & Polishing believe that not all chrome plating is the same, the difference between a lack of luster and a brilliant chrome plated finish is obvious to enthusiasts looking for the perfect enhancement for their motorcycle or Automobile.

We believe it all begins with the preparation of the wheel or part, that will determine how the finish part will look at the end, just like a good paint job if the prep work is not done right then it does not matter how good the painter is, the paint job will not look good so that is the same for a chrome plated part. Our highly experience polishers start with heavy grit abrasives to remove all rough finish of the wheel or part  and work their way to finer abrasives until they accomplish and smooth finish  and then the wheel or part gets buffed, this leaves the parts smooth and ready for the chrome plating process.

Impress Plating & Polishing also specializes on custom cutting Harley-Davidson Fatboy wheels, you can see some of our styles here but are not all the ones we have, will be posting more of them in the future.

Why do we believe that not all chrome plating is the same? well it all begins from the materials that are use to the chrome plating process. We will not explain all the differences, well at least not on this page we might do it in the future but we will let you know one of the main differences and that is chrome plating time, what is plating time you might ask? Well during the chrome plating process the wheel or part goes through many steps but the main steps are semi-bright nickel, acid copper, bright nickel and the chrome at the end and that can also change as well but every time the part goes in the nickel or copper tank the longer it stays in the tank the more nickel or copper the part will get and the more nickel or copper it gets the more durable the plated finish will be so you can give it an hour or you can give it the minimum  witch is 15 minutes, that is up to every company because less time means more wheels or parts done is a days work but we don't cut corners we give our parts plenty of chrome plating time. Another very important difference is the personal effort you give every part you do, our staff inspects every part through out the plating process and if they believe the part will turn out better with maybe a little more copper then it's send back for more copper just to mention soothing, most plating shops run the parts through and never take their time to stop and put out the extra effort.

Many have compared Impress Plating & Polishing to the competition and recognized the distinction. Impress Plating & Polishing has set it self apart from the competition by providing unequal chrome plating quality to it's customers. Our quality goes unrivaled in the plating business, our high standards and honesty has build customer relationships that we are very proud of. Our goal is not to have a unsatisfied customer so our work is always guaranteed !!

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