Harley-Davidson Fatboy Custom Cut HD-6 Chrome Wheel Set Outright Sale

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Price: $1,450.00
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Manufacturer: Harley-Davidson Customized by Impress

Welcome to an IMPRESS PLATING & POLISHING Sale. For sale we have the following newly chromed set. 2000 - 2006 ORIGINAL HARLEY DAVIDSON CUSTOM CUT HD-6 FATBOY WHEEL SET (16X3 FRONT & REAR) . These wheels will fit your motorcycle without any modifications. We also have them available for 1986 to 1999 models on special order.

 Wheels don't come with bearings but we can install them for a low price.

Now you can add our polished rotor set, chrome belt pulley , chrome swing arm or chrome lower legs at special price with no extra shipping charges when you buy our chrome exchange wheels and add them to your order. (Most items only available for 2000-06 models)

You can add any one of these items with no extra shipping charges, but if you add two or more items you will need to add some extra on core deposit for each extra item.(No extra shipping on any extra item) All prices are for exchange so you still need to return your parts in good condition.


These wheels were hand polished and chrome plated with our unequal 6 step plating process by our highly experience craftsman. These wheels look as good as they can look.We believe that not all chrome plating is the same. The difference between a lack of luster and a brilliant plated finish is obvious to the motorcycle enthusiasts looking for the perfect enhancement. Impress plating has set itself apart from the competition by providing unequaled chrome plating quality. Some chrome platers will tell you about their 21 step process and yes the plating process and plating materials are a big factor on accomplishing a great quality chrome plated finish but the most important of all is the plating time because the longer the wheel stays in the tank the more plating the wheel or part we get and more plating means more durable and we don't cut corners like some do.

Our quality and workmanship has not had an unsatisfied customer yet and you can verify that by checking our feedback and read what our buyers have to say about our chrome. Here's some comments our buyer have said about our chrome, kick azzzz chrome, perfect chrome job, to cool, awesome, excellent, super, pristine, beautiful, great looking wheels, makes my original chrome look bad and more.

We have over 25 years of experience in the plating business and are serving hundreds of Harley-Davidson dealers and retail customers all over the United States.

These wheels carry a full two year warranty against and defects in the materials or workmanship. If you take care of the wheels they will last you a lifetime because nobody warranties against negligence.


For any questions regarding this action or any other question on your chrome plating needs please contact IMPRESS PLATING & POLISHING at 909-985-3377 OR 877-4-CHR-WHL. From 9 :00 am to 5 :00 pm pacific standard time . Please feel free to call us or email us any questions or concerns you might have. Thank you for looking.

We offer chrome exchange on all Harley-Davidson wheels and most stock brake rotors, belt pulley and lower fork legs, If we don't have your wheels or parts in stock we can chrome or polish your own parts at a great price. Call us about our special pricing on chroming your wheels or parts

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